Robert Crowther has written books for both children and older people:


Pop-Up Dinosaur AlphabetA stylish alphabet of dinosaurs.

Turn the pages to say the ABC, then lift the letters to reveal the dinosaurs – one for every letter of the alphabet. Packed with dinosaur facts and ingenious pop-ups, this is a book that children will enjoy again and again.









A pop-up journey through animal habitats around the world by one of the world's leading paper engineers.

Travel around the world with Robert Crowther and discover fascinating facts about animals of all shapes and sizes! Children will love exploring the 3D animal habitats; they can peer between trees in the rainforest, peek into crevices in desert rocks, lift the flaps, pull the tabs and discover which animals live where. Packed with information and tiny details to spot, this is a book which will be enjoyed again and again.









The Most Amazing Hide-and-Seek Numbers Book

Pull the tabs, lift the flaps and one spider drops on its thread, five goldfish leap out of the water, ten butterflies rise into the sky... There are pop-up animals for every number from one to twenty, then all the tens to one hundred, each depicted in letters and numerals, in this truly amazing pop-up counting book.